About Us


Wekiva Engineering, LLC is a consulting engineering firm that provides structural engineering services for projects which include water and wastewater facilities, solid waste facilities, utilities, and commercial/ residential structures. Our highly experienced and talented engineers have been providing cost-effective solutions and exceptional results for our clients throughout the Southeastern United States. Our experience also allows us to solve engineering problems with simplicity and innovation. We are very proficient in the various applicable design and building codes allowing us to apply effective and proper solutions early in the design stage.

In addition, our engineers frequently work with contractors providing value engineering ideas and solutions. This allows us to be intimately involved with the entire process of a structures’ evolution from conception to final construction activities.


Our structural engineering services are provided for public and private sectors and includes the following in compliance with applicable model, state and local codes:

New Structures & Facilities Design

Construction Support Services

Design-Build Projects

Existing Structure Modifications & Retrofits

Structural Evaluations

Peer Review & Value Engineering

Wind & Seismic Design

Connection Design

Earth Retention

Equipment Anchorage

Miscellaneous Steel Design

Specialty Designs

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Wekiva Engineering, LLC

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